About Us

MARC Radio About Us

Who We Are

MARC Radio operates stations in the following locations: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX; 
Gainesville-Ocala, FL; Orlando, FL; and Melbourne, FL.


We reimagine new and legacy media to connect with and super serve our community.


To be the company most respected by our communities for creating and delivering engaging media, measured by results not rewards.



We are constantly striving to improve our processes and communication both internally and externally, from our production services to promotions and internal technologies that foster stronger communities.

Love & Care

We have love and care for our products, coworkers, clients, and communities. We all have love and care for being accurate and punctual. To give love and care, we must give effort; each is required for both to work. All of us are accountable to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Community Connection

As a Core Value of MARC Radio, “Community Connection” requires three elements to work effectively – audience listenership and participation, client understanding, and station interaction.
When we provide a powerful message, whether from a song, commercial, or public service announcement to a receptive audience, they will act on what they hear. Our clients then see and understand the benefit of our innovative work from an audience participating by contacting them, and our stations obligation and benefit from connecting the two makes us stand out in the market by becoming an active partner in “Community Connection”.
Without these three pieces of the triangle working together, we cannot be an effective voice. Together with our other Core Values of “Innovation” and “Love,” we can prop up the pyramid of success that makes up “Community Connection.”